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Without a doubt, the best and most economical way to get started with Young Living is to purchase a Premium Starter Kit.   This kit comes with a diffuser, 11 of Young Living’s most popular oils, and samples and materials to get you started off right.   To get started with your kit, be sure to talk to the member who invited you to this site, or click on his/her picture HERE and follow the directions to purchase your kit.  This is an important step because this is a business by referral, and you'll want to be sure that you and your friend stay connected! 

$325 Value for $160


Wholesale or Retail???


Wholesale Member:

     1.  This is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to purchase their oils and save some 


     2.  You will save 24% off of the retail price.

     3.  You have an option to benefit from Essential Rewards and earn free products and more 


     4.  Optional:  you can make commissions if you choose to share Young Living with others.

     5.  There is never any obligation at all to work a Young Living business.


Retail Customer:

     1.  Prices are 24% higher than wholesale.  Like the wholesale member, there is never any 

          obligation to do anything at all.

     2.  You purchase items at wholesale price from the very beginning.  Discounted Premium

          Starter Kits are only available to wholesale members.


Become a wholesale member and purchase a Premium Starter Kit today!  No commitments, monthly minimums or pressure to sell, EVER!


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