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July 2018!

Posted by Suzanne Maithel on July 5, 2018 at 11:00 PM Comments comments (201)

Hello Lavender Legacy Team!

I can't believe it's already JULY! Wow this summer is flying by! I hope you all had a safe and happy fourth. I am so excited to share with you all of the wonderful things we have going on in our group this month. 

First of all, incase you missed the memo last month, Young Living just released a TON of new products!!! Acne treatment cream, natural 100% plant based SPF 50 sunscreen, mascara, activated charcoal soap, new lip colors, kids pre/probiotic and so much more. Starting this month, you can add the new products to your Essential Rewards order. Yay! To see the whole listing of new products, head over to the Young Living Website.

Also, if you're planning to join us for Grand Convention 2019- grab your ticket by July 15th and and you'll be entered into a raffle to get it for free- just be sure to let us know so we make sure we include your name in the drawing! To get your ticket and for all the details on Convention, go here:

We go every year and learn new stuff each time- it's absolutely eye opening and life changing, to say the least!

:DTEAM LIVE YOUR PASSION RALLY :D : On July 14th, Young Living members around the world are gathering for the quarterly Live Your Passion Rally. We are hosting a Lavender Legacy Team rally locally in Farmington, MI, and we'd love to see you there. You'll get to try the new products, eat some yummy food, have fun, learn at various product stations, and so much more! It's always a blast and we'd love to see you. To get tickets and more info, visit our event page by clicking here:

If you're not local- we encourage you to find an event near you! You can search Live Your Passion events in your area here:

Next, let's about chat the Young Living freebies!!! Every month Young Living gives you FREE products when you hit certain order minimums. When your order is an Essential Rewards order, you get even MORE free stuff. They are so generous! You can get many of these freebies up to 2x in one month, by placing one 300PV quick order and a 300PV ER order.


Lavender is our swiss army knife of oils and I'm so glad it's free again this month! Here are some of my favorite ways to use it:

- take lavender vitality along with peppermint + lemon vitality in a capsule for seasonal support.

- use lavender vitality to make a yummy lavender lemonade (Recipe here: )

- apply lavender on skin to soothe occasional irritation or itching in the summer

- diffuse lavender at night to support a good night's rest

190 PV ORDER- Get Lavender Vitality AND 5 mL VALOR AND LAVADERM SPRAY (Lavaderm Spray is ER Exclusive)

VALOR- oh my, it has been a LONG time since this has been a promo item! This is a YL member favorite- in fact, it was out of stock for a LONNGGG time because of it. It's great to rub on your back, neck, and shoulders after a long day. I also like to put it in my diffuser necklace or rub on my wrists, as it promotes confidence too! The Roman Soldiers used to put a similar blend on the cuff of their armor to help them as they were going into battles...pretty cool history! 

LAVADERM SPRAY- This is a MUST have for the summer. It's an aloe-based spray with essential oils, and is extremely soothing to the skin, particularly after a long day in the sun. You can also substitute this for the Savvy Minerals misting spray!

250 PV ORDER- Get Lavender Vitality AND 5mL Valor AND Lavaderm Spray AND 15mL GERANIUM!

GERANIUM: This is one of my favorite oils to diffuse or wear in my necklace because I LOVE the sweet, floral smell. It's a very uplifting smell. It's also GREAT for your skin (you'll see it in many of our skin products!), emotional balance, and hormone support! I like to throw it in my diffuser at night with some lavender and/or cedarwood.

300 PV ORDER- Get Lavender Vitality AND 5mL Valor, AND Lavaderm Spray, AND 15mL Geranium, AND 15mL AROMALIFE!

AROMALIFE: is a blend of Cypress, Marjoram, Ylang Ylang, and Helichrysum. It's made to help support healthy cardiovascular function by supporting healthy blood pressure levels, as well promote healthy lymphatic and circulatory systems. Apply it topically over your heart directly.

The retail value of all the above is $207.23- that you get for FREE when you order 300PV on Essential Rewards. It blows me away how much this company gives back! That doesn't even take into account that you're getting 10-25% back on your Essential Rewards order as well. I love it! When I get my Ningxia, Oils, Supplements, Shampoo, Body lotions/washes, dish soap, cleaners, laundry soap, facewash, and makeup all through Young Living, it doesn't take long to get to 300PV- and I'd much rather buy it through Young Living where I know it's all toxin free AND I'm getting a bunch of freebies back! 

If you're new and aren't familar with Essential Rewards, you can watch a quick video about it here:

Basically, it's AWESOME and is hands down the most economical way to start detoxing your home AND get a bunch of freebies and goodness in the process. :D You can place your first essential rewards order today by signing into your account on the Young Living website and clicking the "Essential Rewards" tab, or give YL a quick call at 800-371-3515 and they can help you!



Okay friends, listen up! You want to read about this. Ever heard the phrase "sharing is caring!?" Well, it's true! That's how we feel when we share Young Living with someone else. We share because we care, and because we want better for our friends and family then for them to continue to be using harmful toxin filled products! This month, when you help someone enroll with a Premium Starter Kit (using your member # as a the referral number) by introducing them to the Young Living lifestyle, not only will you be helping THEM, but YOU will automatically be entered into a drawing to win one of these rollerballs! These are AMAZING and are a great way for you to experience and oil that you might not normally buy!

We will announce the winners in August on our team Facebook Page!

Well, that's it for July announcements, friends! This is going to be an awesome month. So thankful to be on this journey with each of you! 


The Maithels

Your Young Living Gold Support

June 2018 Happenings!

Posted by Suzanne Maithel on June 1, 2018 at 10:35 PM Comments comments (8)

I cannot believe it is already JUNE! Summer is finally here! There is so much happening in our group this month and I cannot wait to share it with you! Let's start with the promos from Young Living!

Friend, YL is going above and beyond again: ROMAN CHAMOMILE!!! Why am I so excited about this?! This oil has been OUT OF STOCK since early 2017. It was back for a second and now it's FREE this  month!! Yes, you heard me right! Who else has been waiting for this?

Here we go:

5mL Orange Vitality (ER Exclusive): This oil is super high in the d-limonene (seriously google the benefits right now!). I love the taste of it in my Ningixa Shot in the morning, and I also like to diffuse Orange with Thieves or Peppermint for an uplifting, air purifying, and immune supporting blend! If you or your kiddos are having a rough day, put some orange on! Also I like a drop on my toothbrush as a natural teeth whitener. Tastes yummy too- especially with the Thieves Aromabright Toothpaste!

Citronella 15 ml: Okay friends, we are headed into summer. BBQ's. Backyard games. Bonfires. Camping. Need I say more why YL is giving you Citronella this month? ;) Mix this with some purification + peppermint and enjoy the outdoors annoyance free! Citronella infused candles are easy to make and you can keep them outside to enjoy evening dinners in your yard annoyance free. 

15mL Cypress (ER Exclusive): One of the oils of ancient Scripture AND one of our Raindrop oils! It's calming, soothing, and can ease the feelings of loss and create a sense of security + grounding. Also, it can sooth the respiratory system + promote healthy blood circulation when applied topically....anyone going on any long flights this summer?? Rub this on your legs!

15mL Lemongrass: Okay ya'll. This one is a powerhouse. It's INCREDIBLY powerful for supporting immune health. Also it's really good at supporting those joints & ligaments! Rub a little carrier oil + lemongrass on your neck and you'll thank me later! Your lymphatic system will also love lemongrass vitality. 

15mL Lavender: The Swiss Army Knife of Oils, Lavender does EVERYTHING. I diffuse this every. single. night. in my diffuser. It's great for your skin, esp after along day in the sun. Babies and kids love lavender too! I know a lot of our oily pets use this and it’s great to have on hand for stressful situations like the 4th of July. I go through at LEAST a bottle a month.

15mL M-Grain: If you haven't noticed, YL likes to get creative with these names! This is a powerhouse blend that is great to apply to your head + temples 24/7. Basil + Marjoram + Lav + Roman Chamomile + Peppermint + Helichryum..WOW!  If you have some occasional tension, it will offer you some sweet relief.

Roman Chamomile 5ml: Best for last! Gone since early 2017 and even then it was only in stock for a second, this oil has been used for centuries by mamas to calm crying and fussy babies. This oil is incredible for children and for adults…all the calm. It helps to relieve stress and dispel anger and can even allow us to start letting go of past emotions that are holding us back. It's also AMAZING for your skin. If you love the Tranquil roll-on, THIS is why. No one knows how long this will be back in stock so don't wait!  And um… you know some of us will be getting this oil for free TWICE.

This PROMO’s are some of the best I have ever seen and they are valued at over $220!!


WHO WANTS TO WIN $300 TOWARD A PLANE TICKET OF YOUR CHOICE!? Yes you heard me right! We are giving a FREE flight (up to $300) for one lucky winner! All you need to do to get entered is help ONE person get started with a Premium Starter Kit with Young Living this month!

Did you know that we have nearly 1,000  members on our team?? That is 1,000 families who's lives are better thanks to YL. We are SO thankful to have EACH of you on this team and to be on this journey with you. Can you imagine if each of us shared with ONE new person this month? We would have 2,000 members experiencing these life changing products!

Make it a goal to share with friends and family about these awesome products this month and have them sign up using your member number! When you do this you will get a thank you check from Young Living of $50 when you also buy 50PV- It's the best thing ever! You can learn more about sharing YL in our Legacy Builders Facebook Group or the pinned post on the Lavender Legacy Team FB group! It’s totally okay if you aren’t interested in the business side full time, but you can share with one or two people a month and still get your oils paid for. :D 

Signing up a friend is easy! Simply refer them over to Young Living’s Website and have them sign up the same way you did, but with your member # as the sponsor and enroller. Feel free to reach out to any of us upline leaders if you need any support in signing up a friend!

You are automatically entered each time you refer a friend to get a Premium Starter Kit!! We are so excited to help more families get healthy this month!


This giveaway is for our Essential Rewards Members! To enter you need to be enrolled in Essential Rewards and place your order sometime during the month of June! We are giving one lucky winner a SAVVY MINERALS BRUSH SET ($85 member value). This brushes are some of the highest quality makeup brushes on the market....if you don't have them, they are like cotton candy on your skin and your Savvy Minerals is applied BEAUTIFULLY!

You get 1 entry for every 100pv you spend on your ER order! (Ex. 100 pv entry = 1 entry, 400pv entry = 4 entries, etc.)

You get 2 additional entries if you process your order before the 15th!

I LOVE Essential Rewards so much. It's one of my fav things about YL! It's our family's one-stop-shop for all things toxin free! You get tons of freebies, cheaper shipping, rewards points, gifts, and more. You can start or stop anytime and you're not tied down to anything- super stress free!

I recommend tyring the non-toxic cleaning, laundry soap, Ningxia Red (so much energy and immune support), shampoo, make up, baby care stuff, and more! 

You can sign up on Young Living’s website or call 1-800-371-3515!

Here is some more info on Essential Rewards: (you'll need to copy and paste the link into your browser).

Please don’t hesitate to reach out and ask any questions!


It's Grand Convention month!!! We are SO thrilled to be going with about 15 of our LLT friends to Salt Lake City in just a week or so! Grand Convention is the biggest YL party of the year, and we are excited to leap in the Lavender Fields and hear about all the exciting things happening in the world of YL! Be on the lookout for some pretty exciting product launches! :D

We want a ton more of you to join us next year- the more the merrier! SO when tickets are released this month, if you get a convention ticket in June 2018 (this month) for Grand Convention 2019, you will get entered into a raffle to get the cost of your ticket reimbursed!  :DJust be sure you contact your active upline or let us know so we can make sure you get entered!

ALSO if you are a NEW member, WELCOME! Be sure you go over to the pinned post on the Lavender Legacy Team Facebook group and go through the table of contents. There are SO many resources availble to you there to help you learn how to use your new oils better! If you don't know how to access that, contact the person who enrolled you and if they don't know, then reach out to us and we will get you plugged in! We are so thrilled to be on this journey with you!

Much Love,

The Maithels

Lavender Legacy Team

One Step At A Time: Enjoying The Journey!

Posted by Suzanne Maithel on March 12, 2015 at 4:50 PM Comments comments (5)

By Priya Maithel, Executive

Follow my home blog at for oily recipes, motivation, and lifestyle posts!


Hello, all!!

Wow, I feel so privileged that I have the opportunity to write this first blog post here on the OFFICIAL Lavender Legacy Team blog! Can we just take a minute to appreciate this wonderful website and resource that our upline, Suzanne, has put together? I am so thankful!


Today I get to write on a topic that is near and dear to my heart, because it's something that I have to remember DAILY. I am ALWAYS reminding myself that this Oily biz (and life in general) that I'm blessed to be a part of is a journey, NOT a destination. You see, I'm EXTREMELY goal driven, so I like to look at pictures like this:





And dream about being a RCD, like, tomorrow. I think to myself: "Obviously I have a lot to do before then, but soon enough, I will be there! Full speed ahead!" Through this mindset I've found that it's easy to get so wrapped up in that dream that you are so focused on, that you end up forgetting the little things that got you there and enjoying where you are in life now. I found a nice quote by Calvin & Hobbes that summed it up well: "We are so busy watching out for what is ahead of us, that we don't take time to enjoy where we are."

(Disclaimer: I am NOT saying it's bad to dream big and look ahead and all that stuff! It's CRUCIAL to dream big and picture the future and see yourself as who you want to be, I'm ALL FOR THAT.)

BUT when I am a RCD, I never want to forget how I felt when I reached this...





...and everything it took to get me there: The one-on-one's with my professors, the times I got up at 5am on a Saturday -my last day of break- to drive an hour to be at a mom2mom event by 7am, the roadtrips to THRIVE conference, the moment I realized my core values and wrote my goals for the first time, the times I stepped out of my comfort zone and emerged on the other side more confident than ever OR the times when I was discouraged because absolutely no one showed up to a meeting I was hosting or no one liked my Young Living posts on Facebook.



It's the LITTLE things that build your story, that eventually culminate in your end goal, and ultimately, your story. I'm in college now, so I really have to focus on finding balance between biz, school, and social life. If I'm not careful, it's easy for me to do primarily biz stuff and school, leaving little time for me to build relationships with my friends. My challenge to you is to take time EVERY DAY to INTENTIONALLY appreciate the day for what it is, not for the deadlines you did or did not make, but because it is another day that you have been given. We are not promised tomorrow. Each rank and chapter of life has new responsibilities and opportunities of it's own, enjoy them. This is a relationship biz, so build them! Develop friendships. Laugh. Share. Enjoy life.

I'm 19 and I already am realizing the incredible pace at which life flies by, and I've been told it just gets faster. I want to enjoy every stage of my life, every chapter, every rank, to it's fullest. So, no matter where you are in this JOURNEY, enjoy each day and all that it has to offer. While looking ahead to the future and dreaming is CRUCIAL, do not let it overstep it's bounds to the point where you are not appreciating every step of the journey you're on to get there.

That being said, I thought I'd share with you a few pics from my journey. Let's do some reminiscing, shall we?




My first weekend at college, freshman year. Oils were a thing, but not a business thing. Aw, we all look like little babies.


Convention 2014: TOTALLY Rocked my view of Young Living and decided that maybe this biz is something that I could really do! I was especially inspired by Adam Green, the youngest in YL history to achieve any of the Diamond ranks, and I was determined that I would beat his record. Watch out, Adam. :)



Next, I had learned that "Leaders are Readers," So I decided to read this book, The Magic of Thinking Big by David Schwartz and it COMPLETELY changed my mindset around and really got me thinking. Seriously, read this book. It will change your business and any view you THINK you have of your biz.

Sophomore year didn't start off so well...I broke my leg the first week of school and had to get major surgery which included 2 plates and 14 screws, which will forever reside in my left leg. I ended up missing two weeks of school and was disabled to some extent for the rest of the semester. This was a huge distraction in my biz, and my growth quickly started to decline. It was an EXTREMELY humbling experience like no other.


When I was home for Christmas break, I completely reset my goals and was ready to give this thing a go, for real. The troubles of the previous semester had actually strengthened my relationship with the Lord in incredible ways. I asked Him to completely be my CEO and to lead me to people that NEEDED these oils. My biggest value is "God-glorified;" He gets ALL the glory for the success of my biz. Since then, I've steadily seen growth; adding new members every month and helping those that are currently enrolled. I love my team and working with such great people! Things haven't always been smooth sailing, but hey, as they say, a smooth sea does not make a skilled sailor! ;) Anyway, it's all a part of my journey, and I'm learning to appreciate and enjoy every part of it. Where are you in YOUR journey and how did you get there? Tell us in the comments below!









P.S.: To join my awesome, growing team, just scroll over the membership tab above, click on "Lavender Legacy Leadership," and click on my photo! :)